Frequently Asked Questions


Q. I didn't know that anyone but the Post Office handled or picked up First Class mail, how does your company provide these services?

A. We are licensed and contracted by the U.S. Postal Service to collect, sort, and present discounted postage mailings for expedited delivery.

Q. How can First Class mail be mailed at a lower rate?

A. By "commingling" your business' mail with others, the Post Office will provide discounts for these larger sorted mailings.

Q. How does this benefit the Post Office?

A. Presort Service Bureaus were formed to do the front end sorting, thus eliminating work and expense for the Postal Service. This is known as the work-share program.

Q. Do you ever "hold" or delay my mail after it is picked up?

A. Never. After your mail is picked up it is driven to our processing facility. It is barcoded and sorted, then entered into the mail stream within hours.

Q. My mail is extremely important to my business' survival; will my mail be kept safe, secure and confidential?

A. Yes. Our highly secured sorting facility has video surveillance and uniformed security officers maintaining a constant watch on all mail movement. We also have a U.S. Postal Service representative on site.

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