ProFlat$ Services

For Non-Letter Mail, Get the ProFlat$ Advantage

Listening to our customers' needs and responding with creative solutions has been the mission of Postal Partners for over 15 years. We work to provide postage savings on all types of mail for our mailing partners.

In the rate case of May, 2007, the U.S. Postal Service provided mailers a new financial incentive to process other types of mail that previously had only minimal discounts. Postal Partners has responded by raising the bar and "redefining" our ProFlat$ program into an even more innovative offering. Substantial savings can now be realized on mail beyond the letter arena.

Automation Equals Greater Savings

The ProFlat$ program offers postal savings on non-letter mail including: First Class flats, Standard flats, bound printed materials, and parcels. The ProFlat process adds postal automation barcodes to this mail allowing you to benefit from the substantial postage discounts on non-letter mail.

The key to the ProFlat$ program is a USPS approved manifesting system which provides the Postal Service with accurate postage payment reporting. In a manifest system, each mail piece is weighed and the correct postage calculated and recorded. Customers are no longer required to post each mail piece. ProFlat$ will track postage by client and also by a client's departments, allowing you convenient charge back accounting.

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